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Life Teen

Life Teen



Life Teen is an international youth ministry program, their focus is leading teens closer to Christ. They create a format to teach teens about their faith using the bible, catechism, and other resources. Life Teen isn’t just a program, it’s a community, a community that holds each other up, and leads each other to Our Father.

Here at St. Michael Church that is our focus, with the help of our youth minister, and chaperones (The Core Team), their main goal is bringing these teens to Christ. We also have a lot of fun, as well! With Life Nights (youth group night), we have games, teachings, and small groups! Some nights we just have fun and play games!

Along with Life Nights we also have an annual retreat that is offered to the teens at no cost to them!  We also attend a Steubenville Youth Conference every summer!

Our Life Nights are on Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, all in high school 9th-12th grade are welcome!


Praise and Worship. Teaching. Adoration.

What is an XLT? Praise and worship, a teaching, and adoration with praise and worship. That is the simple answer.

An XLT is a great time to meet Jesus, especially if you haven’t yet. It’s a great time to just sit back, relax and here Our Lord speak through music, a speaker, and to see Him face to face in the Eucharist!

XLT’s are on the last Tuesday of every other month, 6-7:30pm in the Church.

All are welcome!  


Life Teen Bible Study

We will be going over the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday. This is a great opportunity to dive deeper into our faith, by hearing Christ words, and sharing our common experiences of the Word proclaimed through Scripture!

It will be a small group format led by Quincy, our youth minister, and members of our Core team.

Bible Study is every Tuesday 6-7:30 in the Parish Hall kitchen. All in high school are welcome!