St. Michael the Archangel



Congratulations on the birth of your child!  Now that you have brought your child into the world, it's time to bring him or her into the family of God to begin a journey of faith life that is filled with God's grace and blessings.

Being the first of all Sacraments, Baptism calls us into the family of God as His adopted sons and daughters. Through Baptism, God is imparting upon those the grace of being cleansed from original sin.  In the dying and rising to a new life that is the drama of Baptism, the individual is freed from the bonds of sin and death and given the promise of new life.

To have your child baptized at St. Michael Church, download the form below and read it carefully.  When you have done this, simply call the office and give them your information.  Parents and godparents are then required to attend a class with Deacon Dan Didier, and then the parents will be interviewed by one of the priests of the parish.  If biological parents have already had a child or children baptized in the Catholic Faith, and they have attended a workshop, the class is not required.

Baptism Policy