St. Michael the Archangel


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Mass Schedule Change

Starting September 4th, 2020, St. Michael Catholic Church will no longer offer Mass and Confession on Fridays. 

Hurricane Laura Relief!

    Bishop Douglas Deshotel has directed that a special Diocese of Lake Charles Recovery Collection will be taken up on the weekend of September 12th and 13th in all church parishes of the Diocese of Lafayette.  Donations will go directly to the Diocese of Lake Charles to assist their disaster relief efforts following one of the strongest hurricanes in Louisiana history.  Consider making a sacrificial gift to ease the suffering of all those in our daughter Diocese, and please check your bulletin for more ways you and your family can help. Below are two links with more information.

Message Regarding Hurricane Laura Response                         Letter From Bishop Deshotel


To Donate online visit The Diocese of Lafayette Website and scroll down on their home page.


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