St. Michael the Archangel

Ms. Helen's Soup Kitchen


Many years ago, Mrs. Helen John began a mission to feed anyone that came to her door.  In 2002, in her memory, a family home was donated to St. Michael Church and converted into a soup kitchen that feeds the poor and hungry in Crowley.

The building currently being occupied, affectionately called “Ms. Helen’s Soup Kitchen,” is in serious disrepair and is no longer suitable to fulfill our mission, as it is a very old residence that has been retrofitted over time.   As such, after prayer and consultation it is time to build a new facility so that anyone who is hungry can have a dignified establishment in which to receive nourishment.  Our new facility will be built in the current location on 7th Street, and we will more than double our seating capacity as well as improving our food receiving and distribution operation.  Ms. Helen’s serves as the delivery point for Second Harvest Food Bank and Wal-Mart donations, and dry goods are distributed to Crowley Christian Care and to Welcome House.

The new facility will cost approximately $300,000 to build, and when the new facility is completed, we will need to sustain its operation for the future.  We always strive to keep the operating costs to a minimum, and Ms. Helen’s is solely sustained by donated funds from our local community through St. Michael Church. Current operational costs, which include two small salaries, are around $40,000 to $45,000 a year.

Ms. Helen’s is opened every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, feeding approximately 200 to 250 people each day, and this number almost doubles in the summer months and on school holidays due to the number of children who come for a meal. 

Monetary donations and building materials are needed right now so that funds will not have to be borrowed to build a new facility.  Also, all funds raised after the $300,000 goal will go to the future success of Ms. Helen’s in order for the mission to continue. 

Please consider making a substantial contribution at this time, and in the future, so that the vision of Ms. Helen to feed anyone who is hungry can continue in Crowley.  The mandate from Jesus to care for the poor is paramount to our Christian faith (Mark 14:7), and I am grateful for your consideration in this important endeavor.

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